Erasmus Intensive Programme "EPSEN"

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, June 9-22, 2013

Day Morning (8:30 - 11:45) Afternoon (13:00 - 16:15)
9 June, Sunday
Arrival of students
10 June, Monday Introduction of IP, Module 1: Origin, principles, legislation, inspection in EA (Latvia) Practical work of students (Technological laboratory)
11 June, Tuesday Module 3: Water quality preservation in EA (France) Module 4: Production and quality of alternative crops, Ecological footprint of farming systems (Slovenia)
12 June, Wednesday Students case studies, under tutoring Module 2: Organic crop rotations, intercropping (Austria)
13 June, Thursday Module 5: Soil fertility and soil management in EA; Variety and seed use in EA (Czech Republic) Module 6: Marketing and economics of products (Czech Republic)
14 June, Friday All day: Field trip, excursion, seminar in practice.
15 June, Saturday Social and cultural program
16 June, Sunday Sport activities
17 June, Monday Module 7: Non-chemical methods of crop protection (Estonia) Students case studies, under tutoring
18 June, Tuesday Module 9: Food quality and safety (Poland) Module 10: Impact of EA on animal and human health (Poland)
19 June, Wednesday Practical laboratory work of students (Human health parameter) Module 11: Trends and case studies of EA in EU (Hungary)
20 June, Thursday Module 8: Environmental impact of EA climate change (Slovakia) Students self study for final exam
21 June, Friday Students case studies presentations. Final exam Evaluation of exams, Evaluation of IP by students, Certification
22 June, Saturday Departure of students